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March 08, 2008


Tim Driscoll

Dear Elizabeth, There is so much within your writing and teaching that flows through my mind and body throughout the day. I muse on many things I wish to share about, and it is a challenge to choose one thing to develop within the context of this medium, but I feel so grateful for the abundance of information you present that offers me open exploration and fascination, and love that I don't have any problem sharing something, more choosing what I wish to share about. Thank you. These teachings on waves and types of arcs have expanded my sense of energy flow dramatically. I know well not to flatten or straighten any parts of my body despite that I do need to clock or line up within the planes and use geometry, so I explore arcing and spiraling in many ways. One day in class (I believe it was the day before my forty fourth birthday, this being significant as 44 is an 8), you guided me into making a figure 8 between my pubis and my coccyx. As opposed to getting them to clock straight front or straight back with a flat pull which I am sometimes prone to do, the swirling curve of the the counter-clockwise approaching tip of the endless, eternal, symbol-of-infinity figure eight looped my pubis and centered it in a very giving way because within the loop of the other end of the eight, my tail gently tethered it. It felt like an equestrian who guides his horse with the gentle tethering of the perfectly conditioned leather reins. A seasoned life-purpose-fulfilling equestrian would be looped to his as-familiar-to-him-as-himself horse in this way. I felt I could rein in my pubis through looping it within that endlessly arcing energy of the figure eight to my tail bone. It also has the capacity to change the way I can sense my perineum as either a saddle or if I am riding bareback, the glorious arcing curve of the horses back, which arches in turn back into the haunch and forward into the neck. Reining in (reigning in) my pubis has the majesty of what a true equestrian must feel, and perhaps is the reason why riding often accompanies royalty - the ones who reign hold the reins. The throne I am becoming accustomed to inhabiting and utilizing can be very softly and expansively engaged by these looping, arcing energies. I watched a movie with a woman riding a horse along a beach and perceived not just the arcs of her spine and the arcs of the horse, but the wave of energy that they encompassed between them. This must be archetypal within the arcs and waves, but also within the way the horse and rider become one within these energies. I wish to engender this within my poses, and see if it gives me a sense of being able to allow the wave to flow through me. You asked in the teaching "Can you be equanimous?" Maybe becoming equestrian or equus will assit me in that exploration. Maybe the archetype of the king reining in his horse which becomes him will be how I become the wave.

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