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December 02, 2007



I LOVE these lessons/inspirations/insights/guides. They remind me of what is important and bring forth my consciousness that I often squash or allow to fall asleep. Thank you!

melissa vivino

It is true that during the winter solstice, as the outer light becomes lesser and dimmer, we have the opportunity to see and feel the inner brilliant glow within us...but the movement from the outside of our life to the inside requires a leap of faith...faith that what we have inside is worthy of our attention...
we have found ourselves within a culture that gives big social bonus points to those who have that certain look or acquires the most money or can accomplish many things in one day (especially in New York where there is often a sense of pride in having "too much to do" )
one can often lose their own way...
I had a patient say to me the other day "I didn't do anything today" ...there was a sense of remorse in their voice..
Doing "nothing" means you are being, living, breathing! Essentially without these vital and sacred functions...all the other trimmings would never get off the ground! ...
as humans we take these amazing autonomic acts of our life process so matter of fact...
unconsciously we go forth...looking for the outer light we think holds most of the answers..
Acknowledgement of the seasons, the life force within us and the processes that make us all "human" all the same, in that way, gives us the opportunity to look at the aspects of ourselves that often are taken for granted.
We breath, we perceive, we feel....we think
(sometimes too much)and the yoga practice can be a sagacious guide to the source within. It is the net we can use to make the leap from the outside to the inside. Allowing us the time to see that what we hold inside is worthy of a long deep look.....(call it emotional splunking!) We may even allow ourselves time to honor our life and perhaps love ourselves a bit more in the process...

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