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November 08, 2007


melissa vivino

It is no wonder, why as a clinical psychologist, I prepare for calls from people in crisis after the holidays...it seems no coincidence the winter season and its accompanying holidays extract many hidden issues from within our roots...they have an opportunity to be seen and surface as we go deeper into ourselves into our "internal winter". The holidays and the family rituals we have been raised with can provide opportunities to let go of the old, seek more balance and become lighter. Holidays raise our hopes to their highest: we think: "this year things will be different" but our fears, and worries will be yoked to these hopes...( hope and dread can be seen as one aspect of the yin and yang of our psyche! ) when the desire for a better connection ( especially with family members) does not come to fruition we have the opportunity to feel the loss and let go. Having a strong seasonal yoga practice prepares you and can guide you, through some of these issues...At the very least it will make you more aware..in its most potent form you can move on and renew aspects of yourself.
We always have the option to deal with it an issue at any given moment. The universe gives us multiple opportunities to mend and get on with our lives ( to not remain stuck) And, what we do not deal with now, will arise in us at another time.
For me, that iswhy yoga, and especially the philosophy you infuse in your classes Elizabeth, is so powerful..it honors our chances to "work through" season after season; year after year...
I believe, there is an inherent forgiveness and hopefulness to a seasonal yoga practice.

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